A follow up response to the note before…


Dear White people I am sorry…….

I am sorry that you could not find it within yourselves to self reflect after my last letter. (Dear White South Africans, 24 Sept).

I am sorry that instead of taking this as a moment to heal and look within yourselves you behaved like a spoilt brat throwing a tantrum.

I am sorry that although that letter reached over a quarter of a million people…..it did nothing in helping us all heal the white supremacy bug.

Do you know that drunken uncle who cries that nobody loves him every time people bring up his alcohol addiction? Many of you played that out.

Thank Qamata, not all of you are blinded by your own sickness but sadly many of you are.

Shame, you went as far as to block my facebook account. Is it so hard for you to deal with the truth that you…

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