I cannot even explain in words the joy I am feeling inside of me right now. My eyes are filled with tears of joy. You know when you’ve always wanted to do something, something that you truly love, something that you are so passionate about to a point where you dream it everyday. When you wake up all you think about is just doing it and at the same time you have people who are constantly telling that you will never make it and there you are proving them wrong. What an AMAZING FEELING!!! This very short film I produced is not really a documentary, I am not yet a professional so I’m not familiar with the correct terms but all I’m going to say is WE ALL HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE.

I would like to thank that little voice inside of me that never gave up, kept encouraging with a huge bang in my head shouting “DO IT”.

To the High Source, thank you for all the blessings, I finally did it.

To my family, thanks for the inspiration and this is my love and gratitude for you.

I dedicate this very short film to my late father (Vusumuzi Eric Makhubu), I love and miss you Daddy and hope you are proud of me.