This one time I was on my way to school travelling by taxi and in the taxi there were 3 men, two women and 3 girls. As we were passing by nugget street in town, heading to the Noord taxi rank (also known as MTN taxi rank), we saw two prostitutes sitting at a corner. The one who caught our attention was wearing a short white skirt sitting in a man’s position as if she were squatting (legs spread widely), she had no underwear which exposed her vagina and everyone’s eyes in the taxi were glued to her vagina.

Two things came to my mind, it was either that was her marketing skill to get clients or she really didn’t give a f*#k about her morals. The argument in the taxi erupted with a “sies, kgaaaaaaaaa” comment from one of the women in the taxi who was a wife to one of the men (we knew they were married because the taxi driver and the husband were both from KZN and somehow people from KZN have a way of greeting one another [acknowledging the wife’s presence as part of the greetings] that makes it seem like they know each other for a long time even when they are not from the same mother).

You could see by the way they glanced at that woman’s vagina that they enjoyed the view but were afraid to admit it. The husband said to the taxi driver that it was only in Johannesburg that one could be exposed to such nonsense and women from rural areas won’t expose their bodies like that. The taxi driver response was more on the opposition side saying that most of those women are from rural areas who came to Johannesburg in hope of making a good living but things didn’t turn out well and selling their bodies on the streets gave them something to eat.

It was interesting how the debate in the taxi and how the opinions shifted to favour that woman’s vagina being exposed for any taxi that passed by that street to see, became a definition of how women treat themselves these days. It became a general assumption that women love attention to a point where they can sit in a crouching position exposing their vagina just for a man to drool over it as if it was something special.

The others were not bothered by what we saw, it was as if it was a normal thing to see a vagina being exposed like that. Others, it was a matter of “I don’t care eventually we will all die” then there were those like myself who were curious as to why the woman sat like that. I mean in as much as their work is about selling their bodies but couldn’t they be more discreet and less obvious. I mean it’s bad enough that we see them at corners, as a group pacing up and down the main roads searching for the men who would give it up but to expose the vagina like that must really mean desperate times call for desperate measures.

I am not judging nor condoning the act of prostitution but I had never been exposed to it so vividly, so obvious like that. I’ve always thought these women hid themselves during the day and go for hunting at night but I guess I was wrong now prostitution has become a 24/7 survival mechanism.

Posted from WordPress for BlackBerry. (Bella Makhubu’s words)