Remember that one person who made you fantasize about love, who gave you hope that the frog turned into prince charming knight shining armour and the prince who went searching for the girl who the shoe would fit will be his Cinderella does exist.

LOL! The thought of the person still makes me smile and giggle at the how in the world did I let him slip through my fingers like that? Funny how you can look back at your life and think, argggghhhh! Dammit! Ngibhayizile daar! I would most probably if not fortunately be with my “prince charmer” to this day.

It’s 00:30 in the wee hours of the night and the only thing that my mind brings up from its own archives is this person that I never got the chance to do the “asithandane” series that would’ve probably lasted for a 15 minutes of ridiculous relationship status fame with.

Those moments where we would be at loggerheads with each other trying to convince the one’s point of view is better than the other. Those irritable and annoying conversations but also steaming up fumes of sexual desire would make my life at the workplace a living hell. It’s childishly sad that for some weird reason you just want to let that person know that “ehhhh! Jo bengikuncanywa yazi, you and that ass of yours” but that voice in your head would shout “why make the first move? You would look desperate”.

It becomes a battle between your heart and the mind whether to let the person know or not. And of course the latter will be your best option which automatically sends an invitation to miss insomnia to be part of your life. Yah! Nhe these feelings that just decide to rock up in your life with no precaution nor alert system have a way of just ruining your own solo celebration party to the world of singleton.

Happy Easter Kings & Queens

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