Been a long time since I’ve been to a funeral, went to one of my friend’s funeral where not only did I walk away with a sense of spiritual enlightening but also that feeling of really not being at a funeral.

Firstly the most heartfelt and overwhelmingly great sermon which we were served with by young priests was unbelievable. For all my life I have never came across young priests ranging from the ages between 26 – 35 (I think) nevertheless they really seemed very young but the work of God’s grace was just being so displayed remarkably through these evangelists. I guess this goes to prove how magnificent the High Source is and that the devil is a liar!

You know that feeling when you are down, or at the lowest point of your life and don’t even know how you can get yourself out of that hole. Then one morning as you drive to work, you hear this song being played in the radio and somehow it speaks directly to you and you wonder how is it possible that these lyrics of the song were written in such a way that they just explain exactly what’s happening in your life?

This was the exact feeling I got during the sermon were the young priest spoke the word of “friendship” to the congregation. What an amazing feeling to have words spoken by someone else just to uplift you. The power of words has a way of mesmerizing me to a point where I just cannot believe. Thank you for this day, thank you Universe, thank you Father, a day worth glorifying. You are AMAZING!!!

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