Yes, I’m very much passionate about Africa and its people, one of the reason is the lack of belief and greatness that our people fail to embrace within themselves simply because of this “Africans are not good enough” stigma.
I wrote a note published on facebook entitled “Why Africans must always be portrayed as bigger victims than anyone else?” showcasing my feelings of anger towards how the world sees Africa and its people. As if Africans don’t have skills nor see themselves worthy to take on their crisis. This is the behaviour that I am still trying to fight against because now as sadly and gruesome this may sound but this behaviour has manifested into xenophobia and hatred towards one another as Africans.

The tag line of my blog is GOD is ALL, Africa unite, Rise Africa Rise simply because I believe Africa has so much to teach to the rest of the world about our African culture as a whole, how Africans aren’t so much different than Europeans or Americans. In as much as Americans celebrate themselves and their culture is known throughout the world, that even our people are copying their ethics and beliefs, forgetting that we (Africans) have our own culture, fashion and stories that the world has to know about too.
It is quite evident that the world really is interested in our African continent and its heritage. You see it with the Chinese and Europeans doing businesses from the African land with our resources. You see it with internationally acclaimed fashion designers being inspired by African traits in their clothing range and you also see it with so many tourists visiting the country (SA) as it was stated by our President Jacob Zuma in his state of the nation address 2014.

So my aim is to show many of my fellow Africans who belittle themselves thinking that they aren’t that great. I want to show SA how great we are and become more greater if we can work as a united nation. I want to make them believe in their greatness. I mean we are a generation of great freedom fighters and not forgetting that thee most celebrated, influential, inspirational, an icon of peace, reconciliation and humanity was an African, the late uTat’uNelson Mandela, he is reason enough to believe that we are a great people of the soil, people of the sun, sons and daughters of African leaders. Thanks to great Africans like Lupita Nyong’o (the first black African Academy Award Winner hailing from Kenya), Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (a great Nigerian novelist) and Mandla Maseko (first black African in space, a South African DJ) who have paved a way through for our Africans to acknowledge, embrace and take pride in ourselves and seeing greatness within ourselves.

Everything works out well when people come together as one, this was evidently shown in my country (SA) by the youth of June 16, 1976 who fought against the system of Apartheid (particularly against the use of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in schools). My own country taught me the spirit of togetherness, that if you want things to go well in a nation, in a country or continent, working together is the best approach in combating the humanitarian issues that we are all faced with. In Africa, there isn’t a country that is not affected nor victimized by corruption, HIV/AIDS, cancer, fraudulence, human trafficking, drug abuse, rape, domestic violence, crime and gender related issues. I feel that the only way to tackle these epidemics, we first need to look into ourselves, find that one common denominator that will help us fight these issues and I believe, that is unity because Unity is Power.

Hail Africa Hail
Rise Africa Rise

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